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In life, there are plenty of times we feel drained. We feel like we want to give up and lose faith in all our goals and success. We start to question ourselves and the doubt starts to begin. We go through different life test whether it’s work, school, personal life, health/fitness, or an upcoming business.

Truthfully, I go through these times while trying to build my own brand, and there are a lot of times i question my abilities, where i question my work ethic but then i am reminded of these three things i am going to share below. Times like these allow me to really sit back and take a rain check, I start to be more clear on my goals and what i want in every aspect in my life.

These tips might not take away the iffy feeling you have, but it can be something you can think about. If you starting a new journey or already have one but you are getting discourage, this post is definitely for you!


I say this from my experiences that i go through, even recently or now. What is the reason why i started theonlyseqouiab? What goal do i want to achieve? Where am I looking forward to? Look at your plan you had written down from the start as your MOTIVATION,Β Look at how fast you already thought about giving up PUSHES you, Think of the reason you made that decision and started this new journey, it might be your health and fitness or a new job you always dreamed to have. When i thought about how much of an impact ill have on the young adults life like myself, and how many young people need to be empowered and motivated, quitting became something that will never happen. My online platform is here to inspire all and i feel that i can’t give up what i already started to build. So, on that note understand that discouraging times will not only come once, it can come multiple times. Let your reasons of WHY you shouldn’t give up be your motivation.


Giving a lot of yourself to any activity can take a toll that might last for a few days. Try not to over due things. Sometimes we can let our emotions, stress, failure, and much more exhaust us and we just began to give up and have less hope. Be gentle with yourself, and take time to recuperate. Maybe something like spending time alone, or sleeping a few extra hours this week, or going on a small trip. I shared a blog: What to do when you feel unproductiveΒ that kind of relate to this post, just click the link.

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Most of the time when you feel like giving up, there are a lot of things cluttering your mind. It might be rejection or failure, or just pretty much negative thoughts you have to yourself. These emotions need to be out and you have to figure out how to get rid of them. For me, it’s writing in my diary, exercising, going out for a cup of coffee, go out for a few drinks at a night club, sometimes even self-talk. Find something you really enjoy doing to send you in the right direction.Β 

For some people, I know it can be therapy, some kind of stress management classes, go see an psychologist, or you can contact your Doctors office or simply search onΒ GOOGLE for places that can help you. Sometimes seeking professional help is worth it tons!!!

So, these are just a few tips that have worked for me whenever I feel discouraged or feel like i just want to give up. The most important thing is remembering why I started and why am i giving up?!

I post blogs a couple times a week. So feel free to check out new posts each week and look through the archives and also leave me comments or personally email me your opinion or if you have any inquiries. You can also follow me on TWITTERΒ andΒ INSTAGRAMΒ Β .

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  LOVE, SEQOUIAB the blogger….


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